Tips for travelling by plane

Are you afraid of the small problems that usually accompany a long flight? Here are some useful tips to better appreciate the ten hours spent in flight:

Arrive at least 2 hours early, or even 3 hours for a flight via the United States: you avoid the stress of missing the plane and increase your chances of choosing your favorite seat (corridor, porthole, or near emergency exits to stretch your legs).

Think of chewing gum to avoid earaches during takeoff and landing, and at the same time keep your breath fresh.

If you have traffic problems, wear compression stockings and, in any case, get up regularly, walk around the aisles and do some exercises: it relaxes and relieves the back.

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and avoid tight jeans.

Avoid drinking alcohol, it is not very recommended at altitude and prevents you from sleeping. On the other hand, drink a lot of water (1 litre of water for 3 hours of flight), we dehydrate quickly in a pressurized air cabin (20% humidity at takeoff, 10% in flight, because the air recovered from the outside is drier at altitude than at ground level. Injecting water vapour into it would require carrying a significant additional weight).

Take a pill to sleep because there’s nothing worse than counting the hours while waiting for breakfast. Also think of earplugs and blindfolds.

Companies with an unfortunate tendency to turn up the air conditioning (except when it is really necessary – on flights from the West Indies, the Indian Ocean or the Middle East to Europe – not to cool regular users to 25°C and above), plan a sweater so as not to freeze on site, especially for night flights.

If you find that the meal tray served in flight is tasteless, it is not the caterers’ fault: the air in the cabin changes the taste of the food by making it more difficult to detect salt, spices or sugar. However, that’s no reason to avoid the salt bag on your cream tagliatelle or saffron rice. The flavor won’t be any more spicy and then you’ll be thirsty.

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